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Money again 
15th-Feb-2009 12:55 am
cat's pajamas
I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day.

Last week, I was completely freaking out about money. More so than usual. I really thought that my inner feeling meant that something big was happening, that if me and my husband Scott didn't do something fast, that something bad would happen.

Then last week, I got a raise. This was completely out of the blue. I've been working there for over a year, but it's a little private practice psychology office, and I knew they appreciated me, but it was still unexpected and flattering. Then I got my student loan refund check (I'm still in graduate school heading for my Ph.D. in psychology). THEN, my husband FINALLY got a full time job yesterday through someone we know at church. He'd been out of full-time work since July.

::sigh:: God really challenges me. When I got all those bad feelings, I wish I'd prayed for more discernment. I think it was more like my human anxiety, or even Satan leading me into doubt.

Sanctus Real, Whatever You're Doing (Something Heavenly)
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